Trend: Crop Tops

Crop tops are very trendy at the moment and they've been that for a couple of months now, but it seems like they just won't go away! We see them more and more, and the trend becomes bigger and bigger. Do you already have your crop top? If not you better go buy one, because I am sure this will hit especially around summertime, which is coming up very soon. 

If you're not sure how to wear your crop top, let me help you. You can pair your crop top with almost everything and it'll look good. The crop top is specially seen with high waisted shorts or a cute skirt. 

Crop tops gives the look of youth, fun and summer! I just love crop tops, don't you?

What you also can do is that you can take some of your old t-shirts and cut some length off, so it becomes a new crop top! Now your old t-shirt will be a lot more fun.

I hope you liked my post ladies!
- Get your crop tops on! :) 


Dulce Candy ❤

This girl is such an inspirational woman to me. Shes such an amazing personality with a very good heart. She is very passioned about what she do, and she does it with style. It's of course Dulce Candy I'm talking about. Check out her blog www.dulcecandy.com and get inspired by her posts. 

Make sure to check her blog out! Because it's amazing. I wish to become a famous blogger as her one day :)

- Lots of love

Fresh Pink by Pieces

Hi Ladies!
I've been obsessed with this nail polish lately. It's a very cute pink color. It's called "Fresh Pink" and it's by Pieces. You only need two layers to get the exact full color as shown in the bottle. It's very inexpensive and it last for a long time.

Hope you like the color! I defiantly do. 
- Love  


She loved life and it loved her right back

I think this quote is so inspiring and I wanted to share it with you all!
  It really opens your eyes.
We all should love life, we only live once and it's an amazing gift. We can all accomplish so much if we want to! Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you love. There should be place for everyone.
Dream big!

How to: Avoid Yellow Nails From Wearing Nail Polish

Have you ever tried having yellow nails after you've been wearing nail polish? You're not alone. Usually every girl who often does her nail polish have experienced having yellow nails, and that's not fun! But there's a way to get rid of it! So don't worry.

There's a few ways to do it, so I'll show the different ways to do it below.
Hope you'll find one of the ways helpful :)

1. Check out the video below. It's a awesome way to remove your yellow nails with lemon juice and toothpaste.  The video is by YouTube user "Jessica S"

2. There's a product called Bubble White. It's powder, if you can call it that, and then you mix it up with some water and you'll leave your hands in there for 5 min. Some people like to do it a little longer to get sure that the yellow is totally gone! It works great!

3. If you start wearing a basecoat or just some clear nail polish under the color you want your nails won't absorb the strong color they get from wearing red nail polish, pink, black or another dark color. So by having that clear polish underneath it makes sure that it doesn't get through and your nail will not get yellow. If your nail already is yellow it will also help you, because it no longer gets that strong color and it gets the clear so your nail will start looking less yellow.

I hope you found one of these tips helpful, if not them all! :)
Have a nice day and I hope you all liked it!


Selena Gomez appearing at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Hi girls! I found those pictures of Selena Gomez and I wanted to share them with you. I get inspiration from many places, but Selena defiantly gives me a lot of it. I just love getting inspired by her outfits, hair and makeup. She always look gorgeous. What do you think?

If you haven't heard her new song "Come & Get It" check it out below

Hope you get as much inspiration from her as I do! I by the way - I love the song, it's kind of different :)

UPDATE: New site "Beauty Room"

Hi Ladies!

So I was thinking of something we could do on my blog. Since I love giving advice and getting them I wanted to make a site called Beauty Room where we can chat to each other about the newest products or just girly things! :) It's still under construction, but I'll let you know as soon as it's done. 
You can find the side in the bar. 

Stay tuned girls
- Love

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How to: Get long healthy hair

How to: Get long healthy hair

Many girls all around the world are trying hard to get their hair long, but actually it's not that hard when you find out what works for your hair and you. 

I've been having shoulder hair myself and I got tired of it really fast. So I researched a little and I couldn't really find anything, only girls telling about that I should cut my hair even shorter because then it would grow faster, which is a LIE! It only does that your hair are able to get longer because you cut the split ends of, but it doesn't make your hair grow any faster than it already is. 

So what I did was I just started taking extra good care of my hair. I am a hair product freak, okay now I said it, so now you know haha :) I started buying extra great quality heat defense products, obviously because I straighten it often! By that the heat wouldn't no longer effect my hair as much as it already did with the inexpensive head defense products I had back then. I also did a very good deal by buying the "Extraordinary Oil" by Loreal Paris Elvital which is the best oil I've ever tried on my hair. I am gonna do a post on that product very soon, so stay tuned for that :) What you do is that you apply the oil to your split ends and it starts repairing them. The hair feels so soft after use! It's no joke when they say try this before you cut your hair! Serously! Try it out ladies. 
Then I bought some different shampoos and conditioners, so I could switch between them, so my hair wouldn't get use to just one product, but so that it would get lots of different good things. I usually buy shampoos that says repairs hair, reinforcing hair, strengthens and bla bla bla... All that good stuff that just helps your hair get stronger, better, thicker and repairs it! That's the kind of products you'll look for. 
Then another thing that helps your hair get healthier looking is by drinking water girl! You know that, so get your waterbottle and start drinking. Water does not only help your hair, but it helps your hole body - water is very important for you ;) But in this case we want it for our hair!

The last thing is you'll have to stop washing your hair every day! I know... It gets oily, but that's why we have dry shampoo ( read my post on dry shampoo here: http://beautynsugar.blogspot.dk/2013/04/lee-stafford-dry-shampoo-dark-for-oily.html ) Then you skip washing it, and your hair gets the oil that you're naturally producing which is only good for your hair even though it doesn't look good. I used to wash my hair almost every day and it just didn't grow! Then I tried to stop doing that, and I saw I big difference in my hair, it started looking healthier, and it now grows so much faster than it used to. I am only 2 - 3 cm away from my dream hair :) can't wait, but you'll have to be patient. Try following my tips, and I hope it will help you! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment box below :)

Have a nice day girls and I'll get back to you soon! 
- Love

ELF: Eyebrow Kit

I am usually not the one who does my eyebrows, because they are already very dark and they sit just as they should! But when I tried out this little guy I felt like it made them look even better, so why not? So I started using it and I've been using it for months now! You can see that on the pictures :) I really love this eyebrow kit, and it's really cheap! It comes with a little brush, but I don't use it. I use a MCosmetics flat angled eyeliner pencil and a little brush from ELF which is called the Mineral Blemish Brush and it comes with the Mineral Blemish Powder. I just think those two brushes are perfect for using this eyebrow kit. I am pretty sure you're familiar with Eyes Lips Face so you know where to buy it ;) There's a site for EU and a site for the US. I obviously use the EU site.

But back to the product. What you'll have to do is you'll have to brush your eyebrows through with a eyebrow brush, so they are nice and sits in place, so that you're ready for the eyebrow kit. Then I am not pretty sure in which order you should apply the gel and powder, but heres what I do. I use my flat angled eyeliner brush and dip it in the gel. Then I apply the gel all over my brow. After that I'll use my mineral blemish brush and dip it in to the powder and apply it on top of the gel so the gel stays in place, and the gel holds the powder. The gel also makes sure, that your eyebrow doesn't move around throughout the day if you what I mean. Some people sometimes by giving a hug get their eyebrows ruined, by the hairs starts sticking up. I've lucky never experienced that, but sometimes it happens to my friends. But the gel makes sure that theres no eyebrow moving! Heh :)

It stays in place all day and I've never experienced that it fades or anything. It's a really good eyebrow kit, especially compared to the price. It's defiantly worth a try if you haven't tried it yet! 

I will defiantly repurchase this thing, and it's actually already on it's way with the mail, because I don't want to run out of this, and by the way it's a very cute packaging. 

Starts out of 5:

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it ;)



Lee Stafford - Dry Shampoo / Dark for oily roots

First of all excuse me for not having rotated the pictures, my laptop didn't like me at that moment... 

I really want to tell you about this product, because it really helped me! A LOT! I've always been wanting a dry shampoo, but they all sprayed out white, but then I've found this one, and it's made for dark hair. AMAZING! 

You can check the picture below so you can see that it sprays out dark.

I'm the kind of girl who needs to wash my hair every other day. I straighten my hair all the time, so it obviously gets oily easy, which sucks, but you'll learn how to live with it. My hair starts looking a little greasy on day 2. So that's where my little new best friends comes in. I spray about 13 - 16 cm away from my head onto the oily roots. After that you can just shake your head a little so it gets in there, because I don't like using my fingers to remove the powder, because touching your hair all the time causes greasiness. It really helps a lot. I've actually just used it before doing this post, because it's day number 2 obviously. It works out great and it has a nice smell to it also - which is a bonus! I just love when my hair smells good! 

It actually makes the greasiness disappear, because the powder you spray to your hair absorbs the oil. I have to say it doesn't make your hair look like you've just got out of the shower, BUT it does make the greasiness disappear which is what we want! It's a great dry shampoo I have to say. Worth the money.  

You can buy it many different places! Just search after Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo on google and I'm sure you'll find a place near you to buy it. It's not that expensive compared to other brands. 

I defiantly recommend it if you are a brunette and you need some dry shampoo! You can also get it for medium brown hair and just the regular dry shampoo consistent - white.

I've also noticed all the Lee Stafford products comes out with tips on the back! This dry shampoo says:

Lee's Top Tips

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Spray from 16 cm / 6 inches onto the root area that needs revitalizing then vigorously rub away the powder with your fingers... girls you are ready to go without having to blow.  

Thank you for reading and I hope you like it!
- Mie Christiansen / BeautyNSugar