How to: Get tan without getting in the tanning bed! - Summer Glow by Dove

There are different ways you can get a tan. You can get it by laying out in the sun, by using the tanning bed or by products. I prefer laying in the sun (with lots of sunscreen of course) or using some products. I have never ever in my life been in a tanning bed, and I never want to do that. I've been having cancer as a project, and I've found many reason why not to use a tanning bed. By using a tanning bed just once you increase the chance of getting skin cancer. There is no healthy in using a tanning bed! That's why I use this product called Summer Glow by Dove. It's the number 1 gradual self tan body lotion in Scandinavia. You can get it in two shades, light and dark. But I defiantly recommend using the dark. Because what's the reason by using a gradual self tan lotion in light when you want color? I've been experimenting with both colors and the light one fades faster than the dark. The other thing is that the light one has a green/orange touch to it and it doesn't appear on your skin as clearly as the dark, and the dark looks more like a naturally tan from the sun.  

How to:
1) Apply to the area you want to (this could be for example from your wrist and down to your feet)
2) Let it dry for 5 - 10 minutes and now you can easily put on your clothes again.
3) Remember to wash your hands gently, cause you don't want your hands to look yellow.
4) Let it sit for the night, or if you wear if through the day make sure you don't sweat or bath for 6 - 8 hours.
5) Now when you are awake or the 6 - 8 hours are over take a shower so the smell will disappear and your tan will look more natural.

Now that you're done your skin will have a nice summer glow. It will last for about 5 - 7 days.
Personally I apply it 1 - 2 times in the weekend so I have a nice tan all week. 

Heres some pictures of my arm showing you before and after: This is one layer of lotion. (I normally do two) but for you who only does one. You can see that my arm has a nice little tan, which you can build up as you want.
Hope this helped you ladies!
- Mie Christiansen / BeautyNSugar

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  1. I just have to post this comment: A guy in my class, his a really good friend of mine, asked me if I had been in the tanning bed, and I answered NO WAY! He asked me what I do then? I said I use some lotion that I use once a week and he said, "where can I buy it? What brand is it? Can you please send me a picture of the lotion when you get home so I can get it?" Haha maybe I shouldn't just post for girls, but boys as well. Haha thought that this was really funny!