French Manicure: "Apricot" by Pieces & "E449C" by Wet N Wild

Do you not always have time to go to a nail salon and get your nails fixed? Me either! I prefer to do it myself and in a cheap way if possible. I've always been experimenting with a nice neutral soft light pink color, but I've always ended up layering, layering and layering before it looked like a soft light pink color. I've even tried the O.P.I nailpolishes in "Otherwise Engaged" and "Sweet Heart" which looks like such a pretty light pink color in the bottle, but I always have to layer it 4 times before it looks like the color in the bottle. But! At my birthday which is a few weeks ago, my bestie got me some nailpolishes from Pieces. She got me 3 different colors, and then she got me a pretty light pink color, and I was like... I know that I will have to layer it on and on, but after a few days I decided to try it out, and I only had to do 2 layers! It dries so fast! It was just amazing to me. So if you are having a hard time finding a perfect light pink color you don't have to layer hundred times - try out "Apricot" from Pieces.

"Apricot" by Pieces

Where to buy? You can buy it in certain clothing stores and of course in the Pieces stores.

I've also been having a hard time finding a perfect white color that lasts for a long time and a color that you only have to layer one time. So I went to my favorite drugstore "Bilka" that's like the only place in Denmark where I know they sell Wet N Wild, and I found this white color, and I decided to try it out and it is amazing! You only have to apply one time and it lasts for a long time and it's a really bright white looking color. I just won't ever change that white color out ever again, because I haven't found a color as good as that one from Wet N Wild. It is called "E449C".

"E449C" by Wet N Wild

Where to buy? In Denmark you can buy it in "Bilka" and at different webshops such as Smartgirl.dk

In the US you can find it at your local drugstore. 

So these are the two colors I use everytime I do my french manicure! Try them out you won't regret. 

I hope you find this helpful if you are having a hard time finding the perfect colors for your perfect french manicure!

Stay happy and beautiful ladies!
- Mie Christiansen / BeautyNSugar


  1. Wow, that looks great! I love reading your blog posts! X x x

    1. Aww thank you so much! It means so much to me that you do. I love reading yours too! X x x