How to: Avoid Yellow Nails From Wearing Nail Polish

Have you ever tried having yellow nails after you've been wearing nail polish? You're not alone. Usually every girl who often does her nail polish have experienced having yellow nails, and that's not fun! But there's a way to get rid of it! So don't worry.

There's a few ways to do it, so I'll show the different ways to do it below.
Hope you'll find one of the ways helpful :)

1. Check out the video below. It's a awesome way to remove your yellow nails with lemon juice and toothpaste.  The video is by YouTube user "Jessica S"

2. There's a product called Bubble White. It's powder, if you can call it that, and then you mix it up with some water and you'll leave your hands in there for 5 min. Some people like to do it a little longer to get sure that the yellow is totally gone! It works great!

3. If you start wearing a basecoat or just some clear nail polish under the color you want your nails won't absorb the strong color they get from wearing red nail polish, pink, black or another dark color. So by having that clear polish underneath it makes sure that it doesn't get through and your nail will not get yellow. If your nail already is yellow it will also help you, because it no longer gets that strong color and it gets the clear so your nail will start looking less yellow.

I hope you found one of these tips helpful, if not them all! :)
Have a nice day and I hope you all liked it!

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