How to: Get longer and stronger eyelashes

I've been experimenting with some different ways how to get longer eyelashes, and there was a way that defiantly showed some results! You may have heard about before - VASELINE. 

What you have to do is, that you will have to buy some vaseline. I personally use the vaseline from "Kløver" which is amazing. You can use it for dry lips, dry skin (any dry areas), remove makeup, soften your nails and now my favorite part - It makes your eyelashes stronger and longer and while it does all that it also softens the eyelid and the rest of the eye area. 

How to:  
1) Apply a little amount of vaseline to your finger and warm it up by rubbing your fingers against each other. 
2) Apply it all over your eyelid and under your eye. (This will help the skin around your eye relax more)
3) Now use your fingers to apply it to your lashes or what I prefer is that you take an old mascara, that you don't use anymore, and then you take the mascara wand and clean it nice and gentle. Now you can dip your mascara wand in to your vaseline and apply it easily to your lashes. 

I have been doing this for many months now and my lashes has defiantly changes since the day I started. My lashes use to fall out very often and sometimes I felt like I one day would end lashless lol. My lashes are now stronger, they fall out rarely, they're longer and they look much thicker! 
I will be doing this till the day I die! I use my vaseline before I go to bed every night, because I wear makeup in the daytime. 

Here is a picture of my eye from different positions. The first picture is without mascara and the next two with mascara. My eyelashes are at it's longest right now. When I went down to The Body Shop with some of my friends to get makeup done the lady told me that I had very long lashes and I told her that it was with great help from vaseline!


Good luck getting stronger, longer and thicker lashes! Hope you liked this post ladies and let me know if it works for you.
- Mie Christiansen 


  1. I totally agree with this post. I tried this literally every night before bed, and before I knew it, my lashes were crazy long!
    Great post :)



    1. Thank you so much! Yes they get crazy long :)