How to: Get long healthy hair

How to: Get long healthy hair

Many girls all around the world are trying hard to get their hair long, but actually it's not that hard when you find out what works for your hair and you. 

I've been having shoulder hair myself and I got tired of it really fast. So I researched a little and I couldn't really find anything, only girls telling about that I should cut my hair even shorter because then it would grow faster, which is a LIE! It only does that your hair are able to get longer because you cut the split ends of, but it doesn't make your hair grow any faster than it already is. 

So what I did was I just started taking extra good care of my hair. I am a hair product freak, okay now I said it, so now you know haha :) I started buying extra great quality heat defense products, obviously because I straighten it often! By that the heat wouldn't no longer effect my hair as much as it already did with the inexpensive head defense products I had back then. I also did a very good deal by buying the "Extraordinary Oil" by Loreal Paris Elvital which is the best oil I've ever tried on my hair. I am gonna do a post on that product very soon, so stay tuned for that :) What you do is that you apply the oil to your split ends and it starts repairing them. The hair feels so soft after use! It's no joke when they say try this before you cut your hair! Serously! Try it out ladies. 
Then I bought some different shampoos and conditioners, so I could switch between them, so my hair wouldn't get use to just one product, but so that it would get lots of different good things. I usually buy shampoos that says repairs hair, reinforcing hair, strengthens and bla bla bla... All that good stuff that just helps your hair get stronger, better, thicker and repairs it! That's the kind of products you'll look for. 
Then another thing that helps your hair get healthier looking is by drinking water girl! You know that, so get your waterbottle and start drinking. Water does not only help your hair, but it helps your hole body - water is very important for you ;) But in this case we want it for our hair!

The last thing is you'll have to stop washing your hair every day! I know... It gets oily, but that's why we have dry shampoo ( read my post on dry shampoo here: http://beautynsugar.blogspot.dk/2013/04/lee-stafford-dry-shampoo-dark-for-oily.html ) Then you skip washing it, and your hair gets the oil that you're naturally producing which is only good for your hair even though it doesn't look good. I used to wash my hair almost every day and it just didn't grow! Then I tried to stop doing that, and I saw I big difference in my hair, it started looking healthier, and it now grows so much faster than it used to. I am only 2 - 3 cm away from my dream hair :) can't wait, but you'll have to be patient. Try following my tips, and I hope it will help you! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment box below :)

Have a nice day girls and I'll get back to you soon! 
- Love

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