Trend: Crop Tops

Crop tops are very trendy at the moment and they've been that for a couple of months now, but it seems like they just won't go away! We see them more and more, and the trend becomes bigger and bigger. Do you already have your crop top? If not you better go buy one, because I am sure this will hit especially around summertime, which is coming up very soon. 

If you're not sure how to wear your crop top, let me help you. You can pair your crop top with almost everything and it'll look good. The crop top is specially seen with high waisted shorts or a cute skirt. 

Crop tops gives the look of youth, fun and summer! I just love crop tops, don't you?

What you also can do is that you can take some of your old t-shirts and cut some length off, so it becomes a new crop top! Now your old t-shirt will be a lot more fun.

I hope you liked my post ladies!
- Get your crop tops on! :) 

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